My New Favorite Game – Blitz Brigade

I wanna share my new 2014 Nov game that I install on my ios and play recently. It’s called Blitz Brigade, pretty much a rip off of Team Fortress 2. Say what?! But it’s good.

Feel free to check it out

I’m tellin’ ya, if you love FPS and TF2, this is going to be fun! Especially when you are away from your gaming console and have a mobile device that can run this. I mean we all have a decent iPhone or Android right? Maybe I’m wrong. And guess what, this is available on Windows phone too, so booyah.

To sum it up, others and I have been saying this is fun and addictive game, so unless you don’t want that, do not install. If you do, please add my user Playberries. I’m kidding that’s my friend’s user, my user is GunnerX. Ain’t that cliche, but take that.

Oh and by the way, my friend that I mentioned, they developed a hack tool for this, not that I use it or anything. It’s their hobby so I respect that and if you would find interest in hacking Blitz Brigade, you can try their tool. They have always been showing off their stats, good thing is they are willing to share their tool too and the blitz brigade hack available to download from their site at

Till then, I shall web out.